This statement is regarding the rejection of SegWit2x first and outright with other past and future situations taken into consideration

It is not possible to speak for every person in a community written only by the most vocal in a group, although, as do many other groups we exist to try and support and educate the local population. A prominent issue is the consistent misinformation and coercing of new people to use alternative consensus implementations which are simply incompatible with the current Bitcoin network.

Replay protection is an absolute requirement for any hard fork to be considered not a hostile attack on the network as any actor can cause confusion to these newcomers we are trying to support. No protection against this is unethical and against the entire ethos of these systems.

Wipeout protection is an absolute requirement for any hard fork. The same rules apply for newcomers on the alternative chain. People who buy into this system should have safe guards that the main chain will not reverse history.

If a hard fork is ever required, it will happen over an extended period of time. The time frame set for recent hard forks are unfeasible for any sort of network wide agreement. This is why many in the community consider them a new type of “pump and dump”. Declaring a new chain from the current UTXO set is an acceptable way to bootstrap a community as long as there is no deliberate misdirection of information and attempts to poach users under false pretenses.

To be clear, some or all of the above statements have concluded that each of the recent attempts to hard fork the Bitcoin network have failed in one regard or another (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and segwit2x).

For now and for the time to come we consider the Bitcoin Core client to be the reference client for how consensus works on the network.

Bitcoin Manchester