This month Andrew Wood (@zulufrog22) and Abdul Mannan (@Akmannan) are running two sessions.

First up is a showing of their Bitcoin Documentary. This is talks about the current landscape of Bitcoin, covering areas such as legal issues, tax/money laundering accusations, Silk Road 2.0, what public think of the technology (or don’t think about it), and recent innovations from london like the first look at the XBTerminal.

Second, they will talk briefly about the explosion in the Altcoin Markets, mentioning their rise in prominence from Myriadcoin to PiggyCoin (for kids to learn how to use cryptocurrencies). They will begin a discussion on the possibilities they hold and could any of them dislodge Bitcoin or Litecoin from the top?

Abdul is a graduate of Glasgow University, Manchester Uni and BPP Law School. He is a film maker who has had films shown at Cannes, and has been invested in bitcoin since 2012. His aim is to promote Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the general public as he believes this is the future.

Andrew is a Manchester Uni Graduate studying History/Politics and Languages. He has an keen interest in documentary making, investing and trading, and the democratisation of information and technology. The Bitcoin Documentary is a first venture into film to describe the Bitcoin landscape to ask questions and to raise awareness.

As always we’ll have sponsored pizza provided by one of the Bitcoin-accepting vendors. Finally we’ll head to the pub.

We’re at MadLab as usual.