We’re back to the Manchester Digital Laboratory this month. Their big refurbishment is well underway so we can move back in. This month we have 3 activities.

Ideas for the Gov.uk consultation

The UK Government has started an open consultation titled Digital currencies: Call for Information which runs until Wednesday 3rd December 2014.

We will run through the questions in turn and collect ideas from the group. We will be compiling and submitting a response on behalf of Bitcoin Manchester to represent the views of the group. (If anyone would like to submit their own answers you are still encouraged!) We will submit our finished response on 3rd Dec.

Bearwhale Poster Raffle

Some of you may remember earlier this year the story of the Bitcoin Bearwhale, when a huge 30,000 bitcoin sell order appeared on Bitstamp.

This story rapidly became part of Bitcoin lore, and a number of artists started designing commemorative pieces. One of these was Billy Mabry with his illustration of The Bitcoin Bearwhale.

We have a full-size print of this available to win! See image below (sorry for the poor lighting!)…

If you’d like to win, entry will cost just 5000bits (0.005BTC or around £1.20 at the current exchange rate). If anyone doesn’t have a wallet set up, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use GreenAddress to create a convenient and secure wallet on the night.

All proceeds will go to the MadLab to contribute towards our free use of their space.

Predictions for 2015

To continue the tradition started in December 2013, we’ll be making predictions for 2015. We have the slips from last year looking forwards to 2014, so we’ll be able to see how closely our predictions/guesses played out! (Hint: some were better than others…)