This month instead of our regular venue, we’re going to run two introductory sessions at new coffee/meeting/event space Ziferblat Manchester, across the road from MadLab, also on Edge Street.

Introduction to Bitcoin

This session starts by asking questions like “What is money?”, “What is good money?”, “How does our modern-day money work?”. We consider the problems our current money has, then why and how Bitcoin was created to address them. We will take a quick look at how Bitcoin works, but it we will go easy on the technical details. You’re welcome to ask questions about anything we cover, and we’ll answer them as well as we can.

Create a Bitcoin Wallet – workshop

Bring your iPhone or Android mobile, and we’ll show you how to create a wallet, and send and receive transactions. We will explain good wallet practices, pros & cons of different types of wallet, and answer any questions you have.


Ziferblat is a new type of coffee shop. Their motto is “Everything is free inside; Except for the time you spend.” Ziferblat charge 6p per minute, and then all your tea, coffee, cake etc is free.

The sessions are free - there is no ticket charge for either of them – you will just have to pay for your time in Ziferblat.

Finally we’ll head to the pub (Common), where you’ll be able to balance any coffee you drank with a pint or two.