This month is Bitcoin Manchester’s Christmas 2015 meetup! We have a talk, pizza… and cake.

Introduction to BitShares with Jonny Bitcoin

Jonathan Harrison aka Jonny Bitcoin aka @JonnyBitcoin, formerly co-founder of SatoshiPoint (who installed the Bitcoin ATM in CellCity, Manchester) is talking about BitShares.

BitShares is a decentralised smart contract platform which runs on its own blockchain. It’s a decentralised exchange, so users can trade bitcoins, dollars, or other pegged assets, without the risk of getting goxxed. It has some neat features like transferrable named accounts, recurring payments and referral rewards. BitShares features decentralised goverance as stakeholders can direct how income from transaction fees will be spent to improve the infrastructure.

Jonny will be giving a talk and demo to describe how BitShares works, how it differs from and compliments Bitcoin, and what features we can look forward to as BitShares 2.0 evolves.

Pizza, Cake & Pub

As it’s our Christmas meetup we’re going to have Bitcoin-themed Christmas cake created by our local Manchester baker @crazybakinglady who runs There for the Baking. It will be the healthiest cake you’ve ever eaten and taste amazing.

As always we’ll have sponsored pizza provided by one of the Bitcoin-accepting vendors.

Finally at around 9pm we’ll head to the pub, which of course is our old friend Common over the road.