This month we have Benjamin Kampmann (@gnunicornBen), developer and community outreach spokesman for MaidSafe. He will be live by video feed for a talk and Q&A session about the SAFE Network.

SAFE Network

This talk will introduce the SAFE Network, a decentralised open source data storage and communications network that provides a secure, efficient and privacy-first infrastructure to App Developers.

We will look into the primary goals and objectives of SAFE, the problems and how it aims to solve them (hint, it is about removing centralised servers). We will look into some Apps build on SAFE, what APIs are available today, before taking a brief outlook into the future development (like safecoin, data chains).

Pizza & Pub

As always we’ll have sponsored pizza at the event. We will order from Just-Eat and pay with a Bitcoin debit card.

Finally at around 9pm we’ll head to the pub, which is our new friend Terrace right next to MadLab.