Interested in Bitcoin / digital currency mining? Take one of our workshops to help you understand the basics and get to grips with the technical know-how.

Meet like minded people, talk with experienced miners and lets help you get started.

We are currently writing the content for the workshops and working out the best format. If you have any ideas please get in touch. These workshops are a work in progress so feedback is crucial, if you attend please leave a comment to help us improve the workshops!

This is part 1 of 2 event as in the coming months we will discuss the future of mining.

As always if you want to just come and spectate, please do. All are welcome.

Pizza & Pub

As always we’ll have sponsored pizza at the event. We will order from Just-Eat and pay with a Bitcoin debit card.

Finally at around 9pm we’ll head to the pub, which is our new friend Terrace right next to MadLab.