This Month we have Dr Han Feng, a co-founder of the Elastos foundation and mastermind behind blockchain integration. A professor at Tsinghua University - Beijing, the author of ‘Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth’ Amazon China best seller in 2017. Find out how Elastos works and how we can all improve our personal wealth in a safe and secure ecosystem.

In this digital age where information is the currency, how we connect to the internet today has led to just 4 or 5 huge companies controlling all our data. This gives them unprecedented power and encourages data hacks because there’s are only a few places to attack.

If we could start all over again, would we recreate the same internet? - or would we build a secure internet of wealth, value and inclusion (i.e. a ‘smart internet’)?

So, what is Elastos? Elastos is the culmination of 10 million lines of open source code and 18 years of innovation. Think of the internet as one massive computer system for which Elastos is its operating system. Elastos separates applications running on it from the internet therefore mitigating forms of malicious attacks. By leveraging blockchain technology, peer to peer networking, and replacing IP addresses with decentralised ID’s.

For all the developers out there, imagine if you could build an application just once in the programming language you are most comfortable with, and have it work on every operating system native to any device whether that be Android, IOS, Mac or Windows. This is the goal of Elastos OS.

Elastos - Philosophy & Vision

Redefining the internet, empowering user innovation and redistributing wealth more evenly through society via a ‘new global’ economy. This secure, trustless ‘smart web’ opens opportunity for new profit models all in society can take part in and benefit from. Best of all, users have full control of their own data and content as information transferred over the network is in the form of ‘code’. This way all users can truly own their data.

Pizza & Pub

As always after the presentation we’ll head to the pub which includes pizza.


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