Supporting the Blockchain Manchester crew this month.

We have two main topics for the next meetup.

Joshua, a regular at the Blockchain Manchester meetups, and a privacy advocate, is going to give us a run down of “Privacy for Dummies: Blockchain Edition”.

After that we will explore the Bitcoin Lightning Network ⚡

Offering near instant and extremely cheap transfers for your Bitcoin but does it live up to the hype?

We’ll be covering the good, the bad and the unknown of the Lightning network with two awesome speakers from the industry.

This month’s meetup is kindly sponsored by and have facilitated the fist London bar to start accepting lightning payments

The Plan

  • 6:30pm: Networking (with pizzas 🍕and drinks 🍻)
  • 7:00pm: Talks start
  • 8:15pm: Q&A session
  • 8:30pm: ⚡Hit the pub and Pay with Lightning ⚡

Privacy for Dummies: Blockchain Edition (10 mins)

Joshua is a Enigma Ambassador, more info on here

Igor from Blue Wallet


BlueWallet brings zero-configuration Lightning payments to iOS and Android” by Igor Korsakov

Patrick McCorry


UCL going deeper on Lightning also covering the ugly parts

The Pub

As part of the forth coming meetup we have reached out to a few bars next to the venue and they are being onboarded to accept payments for beers in Lightning! ⚡

If pay at the bars using the lightning network our awesome sponsors have promised it’ll only cost you 10p per drink, but ONLY if you pay using the BTC lightning network! ⚡

So come prepared - download and install Blue Wallet ( or similar, load up on some LBTC ⚡, and get your drinks for ten pence?!

We are excited to see how we can test this new technology and get a nice beer in the process!

Some Bitcoin Hardware also to be had after the event.


Bitcoin Manchester is not sponsored, influenced or affiliated in any way with third party projects. Token acquisition of any project should be considered high risk and we advise our members and guests to do their own research. Events are put on to showcase possibilities and should be thoroughly researched if you wish to be involved.