Our first crypto meetup at our Tre Amici Pizzeria. The meetup is free to attend and will offer FREE pizza!

Our event will host: SidewalkBitcoin (https://twitter.com/SidewalkBitcoin) who will be demoing the awesome FastBitcoins Lightning Terminal. (Which we currently use in the Pizzeria) and a workshop from the awesome Greg Walker (https://twitter.com/in3rsha) - Hosting “How Blockchain Works”

If you would like a play with the FastBitcoins Lightning Terminal ensure you have a Lightning wallet installed!

Possible additional topics we may discuss: Updates regarding CoinFestUK 2020, Our CryptoGrabber Arcade project and the lastest goings-on in the Crypto space!

As this is our first meetup at the Pizzeria we are not sure how the set-up will go so it will be a work in progress as things happen. Feel free to drop in and have chat.

Drinks available for purchase (Yes you can pay in BTC!)


Bitcoin Manchester is not sponsored, influenced or affiliated in any way with third party projects. Token acquisition of any project should be considered high risk and we advise our members and guests to do their own research. Events are put on to showcase possibilities and should be thoroughly researched if you wish to be involved.