Two things this month - a talk and a bit of fun.

Max will be talking about trading bitcoins, and offer some tips for beginners and some common pitfalls to avoid. He won’t be giving away all his secrets, but you’ll be able learn more about how to make it profitable.

Second we’ll be taking your predictions for Bitcoin in 2014. What will the price be? Who will accept, regulate, or ban it? What new technology will be around? We’ll tweet the predictions (pseudonymously, of course) so they’re on record, and see how far off we were this time next year.

Finally we’ll head to the pub!

BTW there will be sponsored pizza etc. Hopefully PizzaForCoins will be able to arrange payment locally (we’re in the unlucky 20% of the UK that’s hard to cover), otherwise we could try ordering them from Denmark.

We’re at the MadLab again.