This event runs from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Digital Activism

‘Digital Activism’ is a great opportunity to discover how new technologies are changing our communities. With talks from local campaign groups, technologists and academics, this event will give you the chance to engage with pertinent issues: How is technology changing the ways we live and work? Which new innovations are soon to transform our communities? In what ways can new technology empower our communities? Come to Digital Activism to find out more!

Bitcoin Sovereignty

The financial landscape is changing. The talk will mention what we can see in the current world, how markets being in constant flux and many feeling the financial sector is playing a zero-some game with the rest of the worlds wealth, that it may be required to step out of the system. It may not be enough to achieve individual sovereignty but to also work out how to keep funds safe & private enough to not lose one’s own wealth or advertise it to those you do business with.

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